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Swapping Randle for KP and DFS is something any of us would sign up for. That’s not addition by subtraction - which would just involve the team getting better by removing Randle and not replacing him at all.

One other minor thing - Brunson played his best this year. On the Knicks. Not with the Mavs.
well based on the two are on different teams you can't get both for Randle lol and yes adding either is addition by subtraction, because I did not see either even get a vote for the allstar game nor the all nba team?

How you argue this fact is well I have no clue? Glad you would sign up though, at least we have a start.

One other minor thing, if you truly read and understood my post having players like those is where Brunny played his best and hmmmm i looked it up before posting but since you challenged and I knew one of three would I wrote it down lol

Brunny's best 3 man was not with the Knicks in fact it was by double with Dallas at 12.6 and 12.1 (+ pts) with smith and Bully leading the way with Randle his total in his categories were a +.46 way off

Brunny's best 2 man was close with a player like IQ, Bully and Smith, respectively 9.1, 8.2 and 6.7 + pts where Randle and Brunny came in at .6

I even went to 4 and 5 man with Dallas and Bully and Smith he was a 14.5 and a 14.5

with Knicks he was a 7.2 with RJ, Grimes and Mitch and same with Randle in for RJ so again half and 8.2 with Randle for the 5 man only one 5 man had over 500 min.

So when I say go get Smith and KP because KP's numbers with Jalen were good prior to last year, that is what i'm talking about not the better season he had.........I mean hello?