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    Quote Originally Posted by Pcs Papa View Post
    How about a swap of 1st round picks 15 for 13 and both jets 2nd round picks and conditional 2nd for 2024? That's 1st and 3 2nds this year. If the Packers don't like the players at 13 they could trade back and get another 2nd. A late 1st rounder and 4 2nd rounders sound good to me.
    I know we can hold out if we want, but that feels like a lot. Feels cleaner and simpler to say 2 2nds and maybe a conditional.

    I think at the end of the day, both teams want to get this done and both teams want to save face. The optics of a 1st feels like it's part of what's holding it up. I feel like the Jets don't want to give up a 1st for a guy who might retire after a year and GB doesnt want to get a bad deal for a franchise legend that they seemingly might regret not trading last year (when the conceivably could have gotten what Seattle got for Wilson, possibly more). That's why it feels like the 2 2nds is perfect. Jets get to keep that 1st and not touch it. Packers can say 2 2nds is the same as a 1st and you could actually argue that this draft as a whole might not be super elite, so the 2 2nds probably isn't that far off on value either. Then add the conditional stuff in for the future too. Not sure if conditional will be based off performance or how long he plays, but we'll see I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crewfan13 View Post
    Feels like the 2 2nds is a great thing for both sides. Packers can say they got first round value for Rodgers, since the 2 2nds are about the same as a mid first and the Jets can say they didn't give up their first. And even then, the jets can basically say they gave up a 2nd, 3rd and a player they didn't really want for Rodgers.

    No idea if there's more conditions attached or not, but those two 2nds seem like a logical deal. Also, looking at this draft, I dont hate the 2 2nds over the 1st anyways. I'm not entirely in love with a lot of the guys available around 13 and 15, that I think I'd rather take 2 shots in the early 2nd instead. I also think early 2nd could be where those TEs start coming off the board as well.
    I agree with this completely. I feel the same way especially knowing Branch is likely not being selected due to stesting. I also like the safeties in R3 or 4. I am not that high on Van Ness either, I would love the 2 2nds as I like a few guys in that range. If say trade 13 to NO for 29, 40 from NO would be a nice move if they want to get a WR weapon for Carr and taking rush end Will McDonald IV or Derek Hall (in 40s) from Auburn as they are better value than Van Ness and TE Musgrave with those two picks (I think Mayer is gone, Kincaid also). Antonio Johnson at S if still there in the 40s also an option. I also like some of the OL in that range, Bergeron or I also like Tippman or Minnesota C as I am not sure what Myers' future in GB is.

    Some of the safeties I like later is J'Aymir Brown, Skinner or Battle in the R3 range and then Tillman/Scott as WR options.

    If Corey Davis is going to be cut anyway can see GB trading for him if contract re-worked. Only reason for throw-in would be getting him so he's not a FA as likely wouldn't choose GB lol

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    i am kind of surprised that Aaron has not put a trade me date or i'm coming back deadline on GB. the Jets have only signed Lazard though. waste too much time and maybe the Jets trade up for a QB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alabastertubby View Post
    i am kind of surprised that Aaron has not put a trade me date or i'm coming back deadline on GB. the Jets have only signed Lazard though. waste too much time and maybe the Jets trade up for a QB?
    that doesn't do anything though to Green Bay, it would put the pressure on the Jets but, the Packers have held all along that if things didn't work out they would be happy to bring Aaron back. as for them trading up to get a QB that would sink the Jets with the NY fan base. They pretty much have been promised Rodgers and if they don't get him fans will right.

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