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    Dolphins re-sign special teams ace Justin Bethel, who had some good snaps at CB last season. So CBs under contract: X, Ramsey, Kohou, Needham, Crossen, Trill Williams, Igbinoghene and Bethel.

    Raiders sign John Jenkins, who was the Dolphins' backup nose tackle last season. Dolphins will need a new large, physical person to back up Raekwon Davis.

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    I wouldn’t be shocked to see them add a guy in the draft at DT. Raekwon and Sieler are both FA next year so you could try and get a contingency plan.

    Barry just wrote about the RT and TE positions. He said the team has been poking at available depth options, but are looking for something with more potential. They’re playing the waiting game hoping someone comes available in a trade or cut that they can snag, for example Lael Collins getting cut by Cincy.

    He followed it up by saying exactly what we’ve all been thinking at TE. They’re waiting for the draft and don’t feel like they target TEs enough to justify spending on a big vet. Smythe is likely the starter but the team does like Saubert.

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