Sorting/Culling my card collection before we move into a new house we just bought.

Obviously I am going to keep the high value cards and personal heroes.
I also want to start a personal collection of "total pieces of ****" or "famous sports criminals" and people that transcend sports for some ****ed up reason. Many of these cards can be acquired at a massive discount, and long-term I think they will have some serious "oddity" pop-culture value.

Would love it if anyone has any suggestions on people i have missed. Really want to get this list rock solid before I start combing through like 10k+ cards.

Here's my list so far (some of these I have already, most I will look to acquire in the future):
Tonya Harding
Richie Incognito
OJ Simpson
Ray Rice
Michael Vick
Pete Rose
Mike Tyson
Donald Sterling
Ben Johnson
Lance Armstrong
Jerry Sandusky
Barry Bonds
Aaron Hernandez
Dennis Rodman
Antonio Brown
Alex Rodriguez
Tiger Woods
Terrell Owens
Ray Lewis
Deshaun Watson
Jose Canseco
Kyrie Irving
Sammy Sosa
Connor McGreggor
Lawrence Taylor
Metta World Peace
Stephen Jackson
Jermaine O'Neal
Mark McGwire
John Rocker
Adrian Peterson
Hope Solo
Kobe Bryant
Manny Ramirez
Darren Sharper
John Daly
Draymond Green
Todd Bertuzzi
Patrick Kane
Tim Donaghy
Rae Carruth
Dwight Gooden
Daryl Strawberry
Colin Kaepernick
Randy Moss
Albert Belle
Dock Ellis (personal hero, pitched a no hitter on LSD)
Gregg Williams
Brett Favre
Sean Payton
Deonte West
Ben Roethlisberger
Dante Stallworth
Roberto Osuna
Javaris Crittenton
Terrence Davis
Slava Voynov
Danny Heatley
Craig MacTavish

Who am I missing? Anyone here you disagree with?