I like to bash Reinsdorf but AK/Eversley were pretty dissapointing with how they've handled free agency. Drummond, Dragic, those guys are who they are. Zero upside. You maybe sign one but definitely not both. Every year a big in their mid 20's comes out of nowhere on a flyer contract. I might watch this team without betting against them if they had someone like Bol Bol.

Derrick Jones sucks too. 6'5 and can't dribble, shoot or pass. Unbelievable.

As far as the draft, I like Williams. He's 21 and in his second season the way I see it. Even if his ceiling is Mikal Bridges and not Kawhi I'm ok with that. Ayo would be a first round pick on a draft redo so that's a win. Terry must be ****ing awful otherwise it's a joke they're going 8 deep instead of playing him.