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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmac View Post
    He was a better player and played a tougher position.
    Definitely a tougher position but Keith is the best defensive first baseman ever? Also an mvp 2x champ 5x all star batting title etc. like I said fine with rolen in he does have 10 more WAR than Keith fwiw

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    I am just glad bonds/clemens and the rest of the cheaters didnt get in.

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    I'm somewhat surprised that Murphy and Mattingly didn't get more support. Both were considered the best players at their position for several years. Neither played on a winning team often, so they didn't get a chance to show what they could do in the post-season.
    According to Baseball Reference, Murphy has all the stats he needs to get in. 6 seasons above 5 WAR. 7 year peak 41.2 as opposed to 44.7 for the average Hall of Famer.
    Mattingly had a great 4 years, but injuries got in his way. Had he stayed healthy, he would have been in the Hall.

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