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Thread: Offseason

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    Segura just went off the board. Benintendi and Brantley as well. Looked at the LHH options that make sense still.

    I like Raimel Tapia, but at this point I can see the Cards getting David Peralta or bringing back Dickerson. Trey Mancini is probably the only decent hitter available via FA.

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    I am fine with the offseason we've had. I still think they might surprise us with a trade, but this team is looking better than 2022 (in my opinion)

    First... Jordan Walker is going to be a superstar. Maybe I am being too optimistic, but people are saying he's the best hitter in all of the minors. Praise like that rarely misses. He will be an improvement over Pujols, because he can play everyday, can hit, can run, can field. That will allow us to play someone like Yepez at DH. His ability to play the field and hit will allow us to spell Contreras at DH, without significantly hurting our offense on the day.

    Secondly... Contreras is an upgrade over Molina. I love Yadier! I hope he's our manager someday (soon). I've never seen someone with a feel for the game like he had. However, his offense was horrible, and his defense was still great. But, it wasn't what we were used to. Contreras is an enormous improvement offensively, and is probably just a slight downgrade of Molina's 2022 defensively.

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