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    Smart to pull Sevy?

    Was it a prudent decision to pull Sevy with a no hitter thru 7?

    What say you PSD faithful?

    Sell the Team, HAL!

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    I don't agree with many of Boones decisions.

    But, on this one, I [emoji817] agree.

    Coming off another injury, being built back up, would have been extremely foolish to push it.

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    He is talking about the one and only, pure trash: Ereck Flowers

    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyskilla View Post
    His stern face can give that impression but I don't feel that's the case. New York isn't an easy place to play at, so honestly I can see his confidence at an all-time low for him.

    I don't think he's a bust. I think he just needs the right motivation to pick himself up & play harder.

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    Sevy was on a strict 90 pitch count and threw 94 pitches. So I agree with the decision, because 2 more innings could have given him at least another 25 - 35 pitches, bringing him to 120 - 130 for the game. The interesting thing was that Sevy should have struck out the one batter that walked 2 pitches prior to the walk, but the umpire blew the call. That player was erased on a double play. So, he would have pitched to the same number of hitters and been at 92 pitches in the process of pitching a perfect game. It's probably stupid, but I don't know if my answer would have been the same if he was pitching a perfect game. I might have given him another batter or two to see if he got quick outs. I'm not sure.

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    It was probably the right move, because if Sevy gets hurt throwing a no hitter it really hurts our playoff chances. Team accomplishment this time a yr mean far more than individual achievement

    That said, that had to be a horrible decision to make for Boone. The way Sevy was throwing the ball, he was actually throwing harder in the 7th than he was early in the game, I would have been surprised if he gave up a hit. It was pure dominance. IMO, that was our most dominate start of the yr

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    Boone let Kluber complete his no hitter last year, and shortly thereafter he went down with an arm injury and missed two months.

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