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Thread: Usmnt

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    I was cautiously optimistic about the US world cup chances with all the young talent we have until i watched the Japan match.

    Japan is well coached, experienced and have some talent. They probably dont have the talent to go toe to toe with the big boys, however.

    The US, on the other hand, is inexperienced and extremely poorly coached.

    I have never seen a soccer match like this before. Japan started off the match severely packing in their defense, daring the US to take what Japan was giving them (going over the top), only the US never did. It was beyond bizarre.

    Also Berhalter is trying to force a style of play that totally doesnt match his personnel and, on top of that, refuses to call up players who have a better shot at playing that style. Once again, beyond bizarre.

    This is not fixable with what little time is left. We’re screwed as US soccer fans.

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    Good lord. They looked like they wanted to get knocked out in the last 10 minutes. Iran almost got the tie multiple times.

    They defiantly looked like a young team trying, not to lose. But they won! Good stuff. They got to the next round. Great experience for a young team.

    Anything can happen this year but regardless of outcome, this should be a legit team in 4 years.

    Ignorance is bliss

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