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    Quote Originally Posted by Vee-Rex View Post
    Gotta love what Brissett is doing right now.

    I think he's better than Baker.

    QB controversy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vee-Rex View Post
    With all your hate I'm surprised you have the Browns winning.

    If you ever wanna switch your colors I'll welcome you with open arms.
    I do not pick who I root for, just picking ATS winners. Also picked LAC +4 over KC last week and didn't need help from the poster who always pick the wrong team on TNF. Hope he's okay.

    Can't wait for my SNF money pick but it's a no brainer for non bias betters.

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    Good job Browns can't stand the Steelers I hope they sweep the Steelers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullseyed View Post

    If the Bills are the team everyone wants to root for, are the Browns the anti-Bills now? Browns are even defiling the sacred folding table.

    Weird, it cut off the bottom of the image. The Browns fan had a sign that "happy endings aren't illegal" on there.
    Is that a Nick Chubb tribute?

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