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    Jul 2017
    He was a typical Yankee overhyped prospect, that got traded to the Red Sox....As to why he was released? Maybe he's a got a felony or two in his closet, that seems to be the rage these days!!!

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    May 2008
    Mishawaka, IN
    Last year was his 1st good year so not much track record of being good. Also got smoked in his limited big league time. Still we didn’t give up anything of worth so not a bad trade

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    Jun 2005
    Sox’ over/under for wins seems to be set around 83-85 wins. With a pretty similar roster and the amount of injuries the Sox had last year, you’d think the number would be higher and closer to 90….. unless the oddsmakers don’t see the new manager as the fix all that many think it is.

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