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For INCOME tax perhaps, but how about capital gains? While the market can earn you money or lose it, and it is your risk to earn (be taxed) or lose (get nothing), that is still earning power.

I still believe we need to add 3 tiers to our tax brackets. Currently, those who make between 209k-523k pay the same rate. We should break that in half, and apply a 37-40% rate to $340-523k. We should also add another tier at $1M let's say, at 45%. And anything over an absurd amount (like $20M), should just go straight to taxes.

Those making under $65k as a household shouldn't pay income taxes either.

And more so, corporate tax loopholes need to be gone entirely. Sustainable energy is about the only push I can stomach giving a corporation a tax break on with earnings.

And FINALLY, going back to the topic here, healthcare premiums should also work on a sliding scale, with a max obviously. Someone with an income of $65k a year shouldn't pay more than $100-120 per check for premiums. Someone making $200k should be paying $350/check. Someone making $1M should be paying $500/check. Max it out around there, but you get my attempted point.
So someone making 500k a year is taxed at like 37% correct? That's $185k in taxes. So i take my other 315k and invest it in stocks. Win or lose, the government shouldn't be able to tax that money again. Its already been taxed.