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    2022 Off-season key decisions

    Why wait for the finals to end when the Sixers are not a part of it. Lets just start this off before I leave on vacation.

    Key decisions need to be made during the off-season. Not just key decision but smart ones! The big question is what will it take for the team to win a championship during Embiid's window of opportunity? The team and the fans want this to happen before that window closes where Embiid will end up being the one moved to help this organization win. First off, it will take a passionate commitment from every player to improved their game by working on their weaknesses during this down time. To challenge themselves to be better. Doc most likely reminded his players this during their exit for the off season which is what he generally preaches and the players need to have the same expectations as the organization. If other factors are more important than winning, then they do NOT belong here.

    One question that seems to come up from the talking heads on the Sixers ability to win the championship with both Harris and Harden on the roster. And are there other key areas of weakness from our current roster where improvements are necessary in order to win a championship. If the answer is no and yes in that order, then which one should be moved to help resolve the second question.

    This could be a crossroad decision as we chose Harris over Butler to retain (via a big contract at the time) without consulting Joel in the matter. If the Warriors consult Steph in these matters cause he is their best player, the Sixers should consider doing the same as he is not only the best player on this team but one of the best in the league. I think the main image from the link may give us a glimpse into which player he would prefer if given a choice. Besides winning a championship, the team needs to keep their best player happy. If we had did that the first time around, Jimmy would still be on our roster now and Joel would be smiling like he was back then
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    Hopefully we see a new jerseys for the new 2022 season.

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