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    Quote Originally Posted by rcal10 View Post
    I really think you are making way too much of this. If they are in the lottery and get the 4th pick or pick 8th, there is a real possibility they get the same guy. I do worry they may not try again next year, however. That said, I am fine with them trying to win and playing well. I want to see Madrigal finish strong, along with other guys they are taking a look at.
    My expectation is that they aren't going to really start trying money-wise until 2024. They'll likely spend more this offseason. Anything more will be a bonus for me, so I don't get my hopes up.

    Next year we'll be watching Kilian, Davis, Mervis maybe Wicks etc get a shot. Anything more will be a pleasant surprise.

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    Hoyer interview from a couple of days ago:

    On whether the Cubs will spend in free agency this coming offseason to address their needs:

    "Yeah, I expect to be aggressive this winter. There's no question. I think we'll have some money to spend. Certainly, we want to invest that money wisely. Our goal is to build something special. And trying to do that too quickly, or trying to kind of do it all at once can be a mistake. But certainly, there's going to be good players on the market and I'm sure we're going to be involved in those discussions."

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