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    I think Philips will be a FT starter, but I think that Ingram will take some snaps from AVG more so than Philips.

    The fact that we are running an outside zone scheme helps Jackson remain a possibility to start somewhere on the line. I still think Hunt is best at RG. I don't want to mess with a good thing. The it's another battle between AJ and Eich for RT, which I'm perfectly fine with honestly. I think either could start reaching their potential under new coaching and a new scheme.

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    I’ll post a full recap of day 2 later if Gambo doesn’t but just saw something that really caught my eye. Connor Williams just flat out said he expects to play center this season.

    I really don’t like it. Williams has been a plus level starter at LG. It opens up the possibility for Liam or Dieter to play LG, which helps us understand why we’ve heard nothing of Liam at RT and it’s only AJ and Hunt. So on paper the move helps you get 3 of your young players on the field. It also in theory gives you a stronger player at Center so it kinda spreads the line out.

    But I just once want us to have a good player stay in one spot. Having a strong left side of the line does so much for your shifts and overall protection. Maybe it works out, but I’m not the biggest fan of the move.

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    Alright recap of day 2 from a combination of random tweets from the reporters followed by some quotes. Seems like the defense still played well but offense as a whole was better especially Tua who hit Tyreek deep a few times today. Here’s the tweets:

    Second Dolphins minicamp practice just wrapped up. Tua connected on two deep balls over middle to Tyreek Hill — one for a touchdown and one that he had to wait slightly but got Dolphins down to 5.

    Play of the day was a 55-yard TD from Tua to Tyreek. Igbinoghene was right on Hill’s back, but the ball descended on target, on time right around the 10-yard-line and Hill finished it in the paint... until he hit Tyreek for a 69-yard score w/ another dime.

    Tua had another really nice throw to Waddle when he recognized immediate pressure from Baker, ran away from it, threw it right on the money on the move to Waddle. Tua’s pocket management was on display a couple of times. Light feet, bounce around the pocket, find the target.

    Tyreek had the two long TDs then scored again down around the goal line and finished it by dunking it over the goal post. He gets on top of the defense so damn fast. O.J. at one point said, "his speed is different in person."

    Still plenty of defense to go around – Zach Sieler set up shop in the backfield on multiple occasions, Jaelan Phillips came in for another (probably) sack, Darius Hodge had one late in the day, too. Wilkins effort to retrace still (always) on display.

    Watched practice with O.J. At one point he said “Wilkins is special,” after big 94 won off the snap instantly and would’ve had a big collision with the running back. Next play, he and Sieler combine for a pressure and a dead play. (Side note I just saw Omar tweet out that Wilkins has been the best player on the field so far. Contract year Wilkins is about to earn that $15mil+)

    The coverage on the backend looks like it did yesterday, lock down. It starts with Holland and Jones directing traffic, playing all over the defense, and reacting at lightning speed. Needham was excellent again. Trill Williams grabbed an INT on a nice drive/PBU from Quincy Wilson

    Holland had the orange jersey today which means he was the best player yesterday. Dude continues to be all over.

    Always hard to judge line play during this time of the year but I thought the Dolphins front-seven was really flying to the ball and blocking off cutback lanes.

    I’ve just been waiting for those moments where you have a slight obstacle. Tua is very critical of his ball placement. Yesterday he had some throws where he was demanding of himself,” McDaniel said.

    He had a ton of energy. I was very very happy with his effort today. It was one of a million reps you need to handle the scrutiny and pressure,” McDaniel on Tua.

    Mike McDaniel says he wears a hooded sweatshirt to stay in tune with how hot it is outside. Wants to remind himself of the temperatures that the players are experiencing.

    Mike McDaniel says that “he’s excited” on where Tua is at in this offense

    “Today was the first day I really got to evaluate Tua”

    McDaniel has been waiting for Tua to run into obstacles and learn from it, he did that today

    Players know when they are around good players,” McDaniels on the veterans assessment of Tua.

    When you are trying to install a new offense to a set of guys you can have the coolest plays but if they aren’t executed your play isn’t cool,” McDaniel said.

    mike mcDaniel: "because of my specific background & the coaches i was fortunate enough to be around. being creative &innovative is something i think is part of the doesn't ever leave. my iPhone note app is my go-to. i'll write down w/e play i'm referring to w/ symbols."

    Mike McDaniel, asked by our Hal Habib about Tua's deep passing ability, says, "So you're saying there was a deep ball completed today? Were you confident it would be completed?" McDaniel notes a QB needs time. And you need arm to throw it 60. "No cause for concern," MMD said.

    McDaniel asked about Tua’s ability to throw downfield consistently: “You can only design plays that the QB has time to throw.” Talked about the ability to see the field and deliver the ball downfield with timing and said Tua can do that.

    Tua Tagovailoa says he got pretty hard on himself after his Wednesday minicamp practice before today’s session where he hit a couple of deep balls.

    Tua: “I’ve never had a coach like this who’s just extremely positive.”

    Tua says his dad, Coach Saban, and all other coaches (didn’t name other names) have been really hard on him. McDaniel stays positive.

    “I don’t know about you but that looked like money,” Tua on his last touchdown pass to Tyreek.

    Tua: “Twitter warriors, keyboard warriors, whatever you want to call them, they're not out here practicing with us working hard .. I don't know if you guys recorded that last one to Tyreek but that looked like money.”

    Some other notes:

    — Wilkins had a dominant stretch in the first portion of team drills. 2 likely sacks and a TFL
    — McKinley and Brandon Jones both had near INTs on low passes
    — Sanders attempted FGs at open practice for first time. Hit all 7 attempts between 32-53 yd range

    From Barry: Williams said Dolphins told him he likely will play center. So that gives Liam chance to be left guard as we've reported, with Kindley competing.. Barring change of heart, that's the plan. (So Oline of Armstead/Liam/Williams/Hunt/AJ?)

    From Omar: Hill is the fastest player I’ve ever seen. And keep in mind I covered some greats. Wilkins, Phillips and Jevon and Hunt have all impressed.
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    ^^^^Not sure how I feel about AJ on Tua's blind side.

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    Armstead and Williams would have locked down the left side for this OL, which we haven't had since Albert and Tunsil. that news kind of makes me sad. But if Williams gets the reps and can actually be a decent OC, then okay cool. I am actually really excited to see what both Eich and AJ can do in this scheme, under actual adequate offensive coaches. Imagine they just blow up and excel this year? I'm not ready to give up on either, and I think this scheme is going to be good for both of them. Still hurts we traded up for Eich when Creed Humphrey was just chilling there waiting to be taken by us lol.

    Wilkins is going to be dominate this year. Have to lock him up before his price goes even higher. High energy, high motor, high character, home grown kid . . . don't jerk him around and let him walk. get it done now!

    I still think Tua will excel under McDaniel. I don't put anything into June practices with QBs, have to wait for the pads to come on. With Tua, its not about flinging it 60 yards in the air, but about him recognizing the coverage and getting the ball out early enough where he throws it 40 yards in the air, but hits his target in stride for the additional YAC.

    I'm curious . . . with Gore signing that 1 day contract with SF . . .i wonder why MIA hasn't extended the branch to Wake and have him officially retire a Phin? I don't think he's officially retired yet.

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    Williams is a super smart dude so I think the coach just likes him in the middle to run the Oline during a game.

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    ^^^^thats the vibe I get too. Really curious how much Dieters lack of experience factored into the poor protection calls last year.

    Everyone here knows how much I loved Eich last year, so getting him at LG is cool. At the very least I hope they have the plan in place and allow those guys to stick there all offseason. Don’t want another situation where Eich plays 3 spots in camp.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphin North View Post
    ^^^^Not sure how I feel about AJ on Tua's blind side.
    I have a feeling it’s gonna be AJ gets the chance and Hunt is the break in case of emergency plan. If the rest of the Oline is improved and good then you can shift protections and provide a chip for AJ. The problem is if others struggle too.

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    Moving to the main course of the presser, McDaniel was asked about the undrafted free agents on the roster. The coach spoke like he had a message to the full 2022 class.

    “I say it to the rookies all the time – the undertaking they have where they’re transitioning from a different game, and these are grown men that have been earning a paycheck and you’re trying to get reps from them and perform at a high level, so certain positions I think are more akin to show fast and furious,” he said.

    “Typically running backs, you get a little more opportunity because it’s a little more natural to what you’ve done in the past – hey, don’t get tackled …”

    It’s no secret that general manager Chris Grier has had recent success in that area, and McDaniel is already looking for potential roster fits. In another non-shocker, a running back has caught his eye.

    “I’ve been very impressed with, I call him ‘Dr. White,’ ” McDaniel said of ZaQuandre White. “But there’s plenty of guys – I know my NFL experience has afforded me to know this much to not make too early of a judgment.”

    Dr. White has his work cut out for him, as there’s already a crowded backfield for Miami with new additions Raheem Mostert, Chase Edmonds and Sony Michel to add to Myles Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed and Gerrid Doaks fighting for roster spots.

    “What you’re trying to do is really establish, ‘Should these guys, should they have a ticket to the party?’” McDaniel said. “And, really our whole undrafted class, there’s not anybody that stands out whether that’s from an athletic perspective or just what it takes to be a professional football player.”

    “That’s a credit to Chris and his entire staff, where they brought some young men that are hungry and meet the bar from an athletic standpoint so it’ll be an exciting late summer, early fall,” McDaniel said of his general manager.

    Whether it’s White or other undrafted students across the landscape of McDaniel’s inaugural class, training camp in July will be full of battles across all phases for the final roster spots and, of course, practice squad roles – roles that could lead to eventual graduation to the show.

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    3 Dolphins veterans in danger of losing their jobs in 2022

    The Miami Dolphins offseason has been action-packed to this point, with the firing and hiring of head coaches, blockbuster trades and impactful free agent signings.

    This hasn’t left a lot of time for the players and coaches to sit back and enjoy time away from the game, but they’re getting some rest now with OTAs and minicamp in the rearview and training camp being a month away.

    Now is actually a great time to assess the roster before they get a chance to have full, padded practices and work with other teams in July and August.

    Are there any Dolphins who may have had their roles taken over with these new moves? These three seem to be the most likely.

    Wide Receiver Preston Williams

    The wide receiver position got much deeper this offseason, as the Dolphins added Tyreek Hill, Cedrick Wilson Jr., Trent Sherfield, River Cracraft and Erik Ezukanma to the room through free agency and the draft. With that said, Williams, who has spent the last three seasons with Miami, may be on the outside looking in if he can’t prove himself valuable in training camp.

    Defensive Back Eric Rowe

    Rowe’s spot on the roster has been a topic of conversation frequently this offseason. He provides depth at both cornerback and safety, but with Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones stepping up into their roles as the starters, the need for a guy like Rowe has dropped significantly. That’s especially the case when you consider that moving on from him would save $4.55 million.

    Center Michael Deiter

    Unlike the other two, Deiter probably isn’t going to be cut this offseason because of the lack of depth at the position, but it seems that the Dolphins are leaning toward Connor Williams to start at center. They may just be trying out different combinations to see how they can get their best five on the field together, but if Deiter isn’t starting in the middle, he probably won’t start elsewhere on the line.

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    CBS Sports lists Dolphins' biggest remaining need

    The Miami Dolphins have done a lot of work to improve their roster from 2021 when they finished just outside of the postseason.

    They signed some of the top free agents on the market, traded for one of the best receivers in the NFL and hired a young, offensive-minded head coach who brings a new scheme and personality to South Florida.

    With all that has changed in Miami, there are still some moves that the Dolphins could make to really solidify their roster. CBS Sports’ Josh Edwards recently came up with the biggest remaining need for all 16 AFC teams and, for the Dolphins, he picked linebacker.

    Here’s what Edwards wrote about the group:

    “Despite the addition of Terron Armstead, the offensive line remains a work in progress with others stepping into new roles. Linebacker is the bigger issue though. The retention of defensive coordinator Josh Boyer was beneficial for Andrew Van Ginkel, Elandon Roberts and Jerome Baker, but the team has not gotten enough out of that group. Channing Tindall was added on Day 2 of the recent NFL draft, but there is no guarantee that investment pays off. “

    Tindall, the rookie out of Georgia that Edwards mentions, is the biggest key here. He was behind two studs with the Bulldogs in Nakobe Dean and Quay Walker, so the Dolphins were hoping that he could surely make the leap and take over in the near future.

    Returning Roberts, Duke Riley and Sam Eguavoen, all three of which were supposed to be free agents, is good for the continuity, but they’re all role players. And, with Baker moving to more of an outside role toward the end of 2021, the middle of the second level still could use a veteran to make the group feel whole.

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