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    Quote Originally Posted by CasperX22 View Post
    Bringing back Barnett was a waste of resources. That and giving Fletcher Cox 14 mil after cutting him and dumping cap charges into later seasons is also a waste of resources. Nobody was going to give either of them that much money. Those are really the only missteps Howie has had this off-season.
    The Cox move was weird. I don’t understand it. He’s been regressing for years. One of my issues with howie is that he’s so attached to the 2017 team, resigning Cox felt like howie was saying “thanks for 2017, here’s 14mill”. If the draft was before free agency and the eagles already had Jordan Davis, I wonder if they would’ve done things differently with Cox.

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    Cowboys will go 12-5 and win the Super Bowl. You heard it here first, ya dig.

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