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    Is AA serious about this year?

    The signings are in the right direction, even though I am a bit opposed to the Baez signing, but is AA serious about making a run at the playoffs? If so, here are the next signings he needs to make:

    1. Zack Greinke- he is a one year signing (10-15M) that will be the extra voice on the bench for the young pitchers and a guy that has a boat load of playoff experience. Well worth the money!!

    2. Yusei Kikuchi- If not Greinke the n Kikuchi is worth the signing. 2 at $20M and you get a quality starting LH pitcher who has some upside. Great 5th man in our rotation.

    3. Bullpen arm(s)- need to sign one or two of these guys that can supply stability in the pen: Joe Kelly, Brad Hand, Archie Bradley, Andrew Chafin, or Ryan Tepera.

    4. Real serious- go out and take Kris Bryant and mix as match as much as you want with him. /just serious, go sign Jonathan Villar for 2@14M.

    Do these items and we are a for sure playoff team.

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    I don't think the goal is to be a playoff team... yet

    This season will be about big mig getting 3k hits, and figuring out how to transition from him to Torkelson

    and see how Mize and Skubal and the rest progress, we're not there yet, but we're getting there

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    Oct 2010
    Sign Kershaw so we can hear about he is friends with Matt Stafford.

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    JV didn't sign with Houston.

    Would like Bryant on a 3 year deal as he has position flexibility and leadership.

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