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Thread: Concerned Yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinkotheclown View Post
    Here's a bizarre thought. Maybe it actually ends up being good for fans. The Yankees could no longe rely on the IFA money to get them good specs so they would not be as concentered with going over the cap for the reason of the IFA pool. If there was a draft and they knew they were picking late, they would actually have to spend money to be good. They wouldn't no longer be penalized in a way that gave them an excuse to stay under the luxury tax.
    It forces their hand.
    I really hadn't thought about it from that why at all, i was only looking at it from the perspective that the IFA market is where we get the majority of our best talent. Having a draft would hurt in that sense but i think you're right about i could be a very good thing for the fans.

    We already have heard a couple times from multiple sources that the one of the main reasons for them staying under the LT tax in a couple of recent yrs, was to make sure they would have enough IFA money to sign Dom and Arias. It's incredible to get to elite talents like that but it forced them to put a much weaker team on the MLB field

    Hal and Cash don't need anymore incentives not to spend. They should have been all in the last couple yrs at the MLB level because the championship window is starting to close. Like u said if they couldn't count on elite IFA talent, that would force them to spend more at the MLB level.

    If there were a couple of guys to stay under the LT to get, Dom and Arias were definitely the kinds of talent to do it for. It's amazing that we got those guys, but what was the cost at the MLB level? would we have traded for a guy like Darvish instead of signing Kluber or even trading for Taillon? would they have been able to sign Brantley last yr when he wanted to come here?

    I love the specs but knowingly putting a lesser product on the field at the MLB level, especially with the right move you could become a WS favorite, just to get a very talented 16yr old with a high chance to bust is the way to go either.

    Thanks for bringing that up, i really hadn't thought of it that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by goingfor28 View Post
    The Rays bc I'm sick of them being good with a $5 payroll, and the Mets or Dodgers bc F them.

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    LOL!!! The Mets and Dodgers would never be contracted.
    The REAL DEAL Yankee fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by YANKSGUY View Post
    LOL!!! The Mets and Dodgers would never be contracted.
    Well aware

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