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    Quote Originally Posted by Proximo View Post
    The best compliment pertaining to Rich Gannon came from Jerry Rice. When Rice was asked how Gannon compared to Joe Montana or Steve Young, Rice replied that he would put him up there with any of them.
    Nice. So…hall of famer for three years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderLakersA's View Post
    Where does Gannon rank all-time as a QB, I wonder? He's probably top 5 for the Raiders, but that's not really saying much. I mean if Carr stopped playing today, he'd own just about every statistical QB category for the franchise. Well, except the ones that really matter, i.e., playoff wins, Super Bowl victories, etc.
    Different game back then. Without looking, I'd bet we passed a lot more today then 20 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LJ4ptplay View Post
    Gannon would be a no-doubt hall of fame player if his whole career was the caliber of his raider days.

    Where that ranks him all time is anyones guess, and those other years of non-production (arguable whether he just found a great fit with gruden or just didn’t get the chance, sitting behind “all-pro” guys like Elvis Grbac) certainly complicate the issue.
    He was still mostly a running QB early on. Excellent change of pace backup, but whenever I saw him starting with Min or Was, he wasn't anything special. Just "hey he can make some plays," but he didn't scare you.

    With KC though, he looked to have put it together. He may have sat behind Grbac, but he was clearly the better QB by then. I suspect Marty kept using Grbac in part because of the investment they made in signing him and felt like he had to justify it. How else to explain putting Grbac into a playoff game, when Gannon had gone 5-1 down the stretch to get them there in the first place? I was pretty thrilled when we got him, more so than when we had picked up Hoss (who I liked but didn't think would ever be more than above average).

    IMO, his career before then had made a lot of GMs think he was "just a good backup." Sometimes those perceptions don't change easily.

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