Not sure if there's anyone out there at this point but, what the heck...

I was a bit more optimistic about the 2021 version of the Red Sox but there was no way in the world that I expected them to get to the ALCS. Realistically, I still didn't think that they'd get through the Yankees when they squared up in the WC game and never conceived of them handling a Rays team that had handled them pretty easily during the regular season. For a "bridge year" (yeah, it was that) it turned out pretty well.

Looking at 2022, the Sox have positioned themselves for a lot of flexibility. They may also have positioned themselves to stare down the first work stoppage in over 25 years but let's hope that doesn't actually affect the season.

Strictly speaking, the Sox have seven players under contract (Barnes, Bogaerts, Eovaldi, Kike, Martinez, Sale, and Sawamura). Vazquez will be #8 when they pick up his option.

Beyond them are eight more arb controlled players with Arroyo, Brasier, Devers, Piveta, Plawecki, Renfroe, Taylor, and Verdugo.

Club controlled guys (1-3yrs) who've made an impact or been on the radar include Bazardo, Dalbec, Austin Davis, Duran, Darwinzon Hernandez, Groome, Houck, Mata, Seabold, Philips Valdez and Connor Wong.

Currently the payroll guesstimate for this group is just under $175M with a project cap of $210M. That includes arb estimates for the arb controlled guys and an assumption that the guys in the 0-3 years of service time are paid the minimum.

What would you like to see happen with this group?