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    Quote Originally Posted by dyst View Post
    What is interesting about Pat Williams - is that most people think he is at least decent. This isnít a Marquis Teague situation where the guy doesnít belong, Patrick however, is not that good.

    I feel like the narrative that he is young, athletic and has defensive prowess somehow became a legend where people made him to be better than he really is.

    Last year - I said Iíd consider trading him this year if he didnít improve. A few people really took exception to that but honestly I donít see improvement from him ďyetĒ. He still doesnít score or attempt to score, he doesnít rebound, he doesnít get in passing lanes and truthfully, guys get by him rather easily when he is on defense.

    Williams plays sound defense sorta. Itís not that he is bad at it but the guys defense doesnít translate into anything. Itís almost like an empty defense. Whereas a guy like Green causes turnovers and actually gets you points.

    So no points, no rebounds, no steals, no assists, no help defense. What exactly do we have here except for potential. We were told Lauri had potential. We were told Wendell had potential. We all know neither Lauri or Wendell contributed to wins and yet Patrick produces less than both of them.

    They definitely gave him draft status minutes. Green way outplayed him in the preseason. No way Patrick should have started. Unless maybe Patrick is a baller in practice but come game time he gets timid.

    I get he is young but young should mean empty stats. He could at least rebound.
    I still think Pat is good. I just don't think he is good at the things that we need with this starting lineup. Off the bench, I think he would have been able to spread his wings. But when you have Lavine, Derozan, and Vuc in the starting lineup, with Ball running the offense, that 5th man just needs to be effort and energy, because there really isn't any room for them to be much more then a spot up shooter in that offense. Off the bench, with 1 of our top 3 guys in, he can actually be a key cog in the offense.

    Green fits perfect with the starters, and that showed in preseason. He's a pest, he's energy, we can hide him on offense easily. It does no one any good hiding Pat on offense with 4 guys that are going to make up 99.9% of the offense in the starting lineup.

    That's why I think it actually will benefit our starting lineup moving forward. Not because I think Pat sucks, but because I thought Billy wasn't willing to make the right decision to bring Pat off the bench. The FO and Billy D probably didn't want that negative narrative that would come with benching their 1st lottery pick.
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    Agreed, let him work from the bench.

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    Awesome shooting by the bulls, but giving up too many easy shots. Needed that timeout.

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