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Thread: Twins -- 2022

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    Twins -- 2022

    The Twins obviously need some pitching, but there are other issues facing this ballclub. What to do with Buxton? What to do with Kepler? Can Sano learn to hit anything but a fastball? Will Arraez and Garver stay in Twins' uniforms? Can Lewis come back and play at 100%? What to do with Nick Gordon?
    I could see the Twins moving Sano to DH and shifting Donaldson to 1B with Miranda coming up to play 3B. I could see a couple of the young outfielders (Kirilloff and Larnach) ending up playing the corners and Buxton playing CF.
    As to the pitching, is Jax ready for prime-time? How about Ryan and Ober? Are they ready for the next step? What to do in the bullpen? It was a mess this year. Obviously, Colume wasn't the answer as a closer, but can he get back to his previous form? Will he still be in a Twins' uniform next spring?
    Can this team contend next year?

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    Arraez never should have moved from second. I don't know if we can sign Buxton to a big deal if he is always hurt and does he really want to be here? I think we have to trade him. I am not impressed with Sano and would be ok to trade him away. Those two trades could bring in some quality guys. We have to bring in pitching and will have to step up and pay guys to come here. We have to be careful not to overspend on a unproven guy or we get pitching with those trades and go young and do the Twins norm and rebuild.

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