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So do nothing for yet another off season but get another hr hitter with a low batting average for up to 4 years . And on top of that keep going with a catcher that the pitching staff does not like throwing to . Now that is dumb
And the hurling of insults from the person who should be pointing his finger at himself and uttering those 4 words at every post he makes.
Seeing as Sanchez is still a top 10 catcher, I agree with Evil. You don't move him until there is a better option. That isn't dumb. What would be dumb is to move him for the sake of change and ending up with a worse option.

Is his idea dumber than giving a 10 year deal to a middle IF at the age of 27? Is it dumber than suggesting that Hicks isn't a good athlete because he gets injured? Is it dumber than suggesting a righty hitter pulls the ball to RF? Is it dumber than predicting the Yankees win the WS then saying that other posters made you do it? Is it dumber than crying that the Sox would win the WS? Is it dumber than posting statistics that disprove your own arguments, repeatedly? Is it dumber than getting owned to the point that we now call Doc, you daddy?

You seem like a smart guy.
I will let you answer those questions for yourself