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    I don't know that there's a winning strategy against Boston other than guys hitting shots. Horford has been playing like a beast and is outplaying Bam in these playoffs. Tatum can play like an MVP at times. They are well coached and don't stop coming.

    Hopefully Miami is well rested and takes advantage in Game 1.

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    Miami just needs to take care of the ball, & they should be good.

    Players that will stand out for us... Vic, Herro, Bam, & Lowry(I can see him making key plays by game 5)

    All other players do what they normally do.

    Quote Originally Posted by IKnowHoops View Post
    As a rookie Micheal Beasley averaged 13.9pts per game on .472 shooting. Do you know how many times Kobe Bryant or Tracy Mcgrady shot at that percent or better? Never in there whole careers. If Beas can be what he was when he was a rookie (he won't hell be better) then the heat are coming away with another steal.

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