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It's not a terrible idea, some guys end up better inside. Your not dealing with speed guys with bend, it's power guys more often and Jackson from his combine numbers shows he is strong. Not saying it works but maybe it clicks for him. Sitting is fine too but that could also do more harm than good.

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Nothing about Jacksonís game has shown that he can handle power. He got bull rushed by Milano on Sunday who is a 230 LB. Last year his success was on speed rushers and you saw him struggle with power, now its just both.

I know OTs can usually shift inwards. Itís why a lot of teams have started to just draft OTs all the time and work on getting the best 5 out there. But Jackson does not look like one of those guys that can make the move.

I seriously have no idea what to do with the guy. Heís still so young and athletic that I donít think you just give up on him. But heís clearly regressed (as has all of the young guys).