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To be fair, the head coach having a say in the defense isn't a bad thing. I think that got overblown a bit because there's probably a good chance Lafluer was involved with the original game plan as well, which clearly was to just rush 4.

I agree it's not a great look, but the head coach telling his coordinators to do something different isn't really uncommon and shouldn't be uncommon. It would be more concerning if he wasn't doing stuff like that. He's the head coach.
a head coach should be able to get involved but, the reason I said it wasn't a good look was because Barry kept running the same gameplan, which was not working" and didn't change it until the MLF said so. Barry being the defensive coordinator should be able to see something isn't working and adapt not keep running the same stuff and only changing when someone else says its not working. Thats the kind of stuff the Packers have been having problems with with the last couple of DCs.