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    Wins are wins. We're finding our way through them. Would still like the offense to put up some points...especially against weaker competition but if we're winning these's all that matters.

    There is an issue with our IOL at the moment. The jags were able to put consistent pressure on Teddy throughout the game..the irony is that is suppose to be our strength. Bet Munchak is fuming.

    That makes Teddy two gloves work all the more impressive. This is what a QB looks like folks!!

    Chubb had to get his ankle scoped out...6 to 8 weeks for him...we supposedly will have him back...but it just seems we never get him and Von together. We lost Josey Jewell for the year...this one really hurts since he was looking great...and Browning is not exactly ready. Darby was put on IR after the Giants game so our secondary is a bit weak at the moment but it opens the door for Sterns and company to come in and carve out a role.

    I'm still looking for Agim to get some gameday actives. With our edge rush basically just Von and some dudes...that interior rush can really come in handy.

    The Jets aren't good but Williams can bust through our IOL and wreck it it would be nice to put up a crooked number in this one.

    Lets get that 3-0 baby!

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    ugh have to pray that Hamler injury isn't super serious. I also hate not taking a time out with 32 seconds forcing them to punt and just seeing what can happen. kinda shows that he doesn't really trust Teddy not to make a mistake.

    also what a absolute dumpster fire start for fields. sheesh. 1 net yard

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