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    Quote Originally Posted by Sick Of It All View Post
    **** even Darnold looked good yesterday, but he actually has a running back that’s productive now.

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    That's what I'm saying. Jones may or may not be any good but we don't have a properly designed offensive game plan to cater to what he does best. Garrett is a terrible OC for the personnel they have acquired. Really makes you wonder if these guys have any idea what they're doing.

    Don't worry. He's got this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knick Danger View Post
    I’m still pulling for Jones but even if he busts I can forgive reaching for your QB. The Barkley pick could have been turned into a hell of a lot and instead you got a couple of seasons of meaningless production.
    Oh, I can absolutely forgive reaching for a Quarterbacks. A team's success, it's coach and the the General Manager are all tied to the Quarterback's success that if they think the find their guy, they SHOULD go get him.

    And if they trade a few 1st round picks (not that the Giants did) and it doesn't pan out, it's on the next General Manager (and likely coach) to figure out. But when you reach for a guy that was not on many team's big board, combined with the lack of success through 2+ seasons the writing is on the wall. Combine that with the teams inability to develop a prolific offensive line and you are where you are.

    When you havent turned a first round pick into a bonafide star in 5+ years, you will be middle of the road. And that's exactly where we are.

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