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Hand looks to still be effective as a closer so we now have that 2nd closer to tandem with Edwin Diaz - very good move. Makes the late inning bullpen that much deeper. Everyone else moves back into the middle innings.
Hand is a very experienced closer who had a bad spell while with Toronto. I just cannot understand why the Mets insist on using guys who are not closers in closer spots.

Lugo has proven 2 things in all his time here. One - he is a better reliever than starter. The other is he cannot close. Just remember back when we first traded Familia and needed a closer. Lugo and Gsellman were both given opportunity and Gsellman was better in that role, albeit short lived.

If you look at Lugo's rate of blown saves over his career it is not good. Same goes for Loup and May.

I have been saying as has others that Edwin Diaz needs help in the pen. Hand is by far the best option to be that "help", perhaps being worked into a tandem with Diaz.

Why can't this Mets quagmire FO see through this? Diaz has been going through his own bad spell lately. I am not saying he should not be given opportunity to close, but he should be on a very short leash, especially now. Let Hand and possibly Familia and Hembree see closing opportunities.

It also points to what is needed in the bullpen which has generally been doing an excellent job this year. And that something is a 2nd closer. the middle relief and setup personnel have been excellent.