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    Quote Originally Posted by thawv View Post
    As of right now, his control is going to hold him back. I see him more as a middle relief guy if he makes it to the bigs. He has 5+ years in the system, and he's 25 years old, and still can't throw strikes. I guess he has a nice CB too.
    Manuel Rodriguez does not throw a curveball, so I'm not entirely sure where that's coming from. He throws two variations of a fastball (a four seam and a two seam/sinker) as well as a single breaking ball, a cutter/slider. He may "call it" a curveball or something, or someone may have thought it was one during a broadcast, but it tracks as a slider/cutter exclusively with statcast and as a single breaking pitch.

    Secondly, how long he's been "in the system" and "his age" is equally as irrelevant and wrong as it has been the other times you've attempted to shame a prospect or the Cubs developmental system. The player Manuel Rodriguez is today has little to do with whom he was a few years ago; he's a vastly different player. He's put on significant muscle and he's added significant velocity in just the last 2+ years. Being 25 and a RP is a very normal thing. Please stop trying to make this a thing. The only thing that matters is who they are as a player. Critique the player.

    Yes, the control is the issue. Always has been. I mentioned it in that post. He's got plenty of stuff (his fastball can sit as high as 100, his slider is an above MLB average spin pitch with significant whiff already). The question will be control, especially, fastball zone-control. He gets a lot of whiff's with it, he also has given up almost all of his damage on his fastball variety (both the sinker/2-seam as well as the four seam) because he misses a ton in the zone right now. The good news is that he's a RP, RP's are prone to small sample sizing issues, and prior to about the last week, he had been ERA-successful (though his xFIP predicted this coming) and had really only one bad outing previous. His walk rate has ballooned because of his last week and change, prior to that, it was a manageable rate. I'm hoping this is a young kid, working through the MLB. He killed in in AA and AAA this season. He absolutely shouldn't be written off yet as there's an MLB reliever with some late-inning upside in Manny. How the control is developed in the zone will be the determining line of whether you have a guy who's a capable late-inning reliever or a AAA up/down pitcher.
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