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    Quote Originally Posted by La_bibbers View Post
    It's definitely a part of it, but the Bears didn't have a single 3 & out during the game, ran the ball very effectively, and 4 of their 8 drives they moved 50 yards or more.

    I think the Bears offense deserves credit for controlling the ball too. Anyway, it doesn't change things. Nagy has a lot to prove and obviously Dalton at QB isn't gonna work long-term. If the defense falls apart I don't know if Nagy turning the offense around some in year 4 will matter anyway. There's a lot to be concerned about. I'm just saying, all things considered, I'm not really mad at the offensive strategy or the way it went.
    That's impressive without a doubt
    Quote Originally Posted by timov8 View Post
    It may be the market too? Nagy did just watch the Chicago media **** all over Trubisky while learning on the job.

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    Wouldn't be surprised if this observation is spot on

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    Hope to see some new posters around here soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blams View Post
    It's a debate that will never go away as rookies come in

    Some people are convinced that sitting and watching is more beneficial than playing for certain rookie/young qbs

    I think it's been entirely overblown. Mahomes didn't need to sit, but at least Smith was playing very well. Rodgers probably didn't need to sit either honestly, but Favre was still mostly effective. Did Brady need to sit ? There's no way to prove he did. Playing may have allowed an even quicker progression

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    I honestly think Nagy thought there was a chance they could compete with Dalton this year and that he thought he would be our Alex Smith lol Definitely not a big brain thought. Hopefully the tone changes fast. Seems like itís building based on certain reports that have come out since Sunday.

    On another note, I think I come off as a Nagy guy just by virtue of not ripping his every move but yea, thereís a ton of faulty logic in this org up and down right now any way you cut it and terrible QBs or not, this offense has stunk every year and I think the question you have to ask is, even if the talent is bad, is this guy getting everything out of them? Which, Nagy definitely has not. Heís done enough to be fired.

    Anyway, in spite of Fields possibly being the savior, Iím pretty ambivalent about everything. This year is all about him but I feel pretty confidently that the next couple years will be spent building a new core around him than anything where weíre one of the best teams in the league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay12 View Post
    The crowd needs to relax and wait for when Fields takes the field. Whatever time that Fields starts will be the right time he was meant to start. The Bears had crappy QBs for the past 100 years. Whatís 10 more weeks? People need to chill. If the Bears were meant to have finally found a franchise QB then Nagy or whoever is not gonna change that. Donít listen to all the media. Thatís their jobs to exaggerate. That is their jobs. Fields will shine or not regardless of Nagy just like Mahomes would.
    Yes they have had a crappy quarterback for the last 100 years. But they don't have one anymore. The question should be, why wait 10 more weeks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thawv View Post
    Yes they have had a crappy quarterback for the last 100 years. But they don't have one anymore. The question should be, why wait 10 more weeks?
    I doubt it's going to be 10 weeks. I guess Nagy could be that stubborn, but eventually the W/L record is going to force his hand.

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