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    Nielsen bought out

    With the #Red Wings settling their Arb case with Adam Erne 4 days ago, the club had access to a second buyout window.

    As a result, Detroit has opted to buyout 37 year old forward Frans Nielsen.

    Buyout Breakdown:
    2021-22: $4,250,000
    2022-23: $500,000
    via cap friendy on twitter

    Essentially the Wings spent 500k next year to open up a roster spot this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LionsFan..LOL View Post
    via cap friendy on twitter

    Essentially the Wings spent 500k next year to open up a roster spot this year.
    Is this a good thing?

    I'm cap ignorant

    regarding Erne:

    Detroit Red Wings forward Adam Erne’s success in 2020-21 was that of a one-hit-wonder.

    En route to his stellar season, Erne played in 45 of the Red Wings’ 56 games. He would go on to score 11 goals and add nine assists for 20 total points. He was third in points on the team was the team leader in goals. (These figures do not include Anthony Mantha, who also scored 11 goals.)

    The fact that Erne led the team in goals is not really impressive as it seems. The Red Wings sucked and struggled to score as it is. Erne scored 11 of the 125 goals that the Red Wings scored, equating to 11.36% of the team’s goals.

    Erne gives off some serious San Francisco Giants World Series vibes if you look at his Hockey-Reference page. The Giants were an every other year World Series Contender in the early 2010s, and looking at Erne’s point totals, he will likely not score much in 2021-22.

    But, if he follows suit, he will post another 20 point season in the 2022-23 season. After his rookie season, his point totals read…

    2017-18: 4 points
    2018-19: 20 points
    2019-20: 4 points
    2020-21: 20 points

    The next thing to be said is that Erne gets really lucky and finds his way to 20 points in these years, where he explodes on the scoresheet.

    PDO, a hockey analytics term for a start measuring “luck” in a way, tells a lot about Erne’s abilities. Here’s what his same four seasons from above look like in terms of his PDO.

    2017-18: 98.0
    2018-19: 104.4
    2019-20: 93.6
    2020-21: 102.4

    For those who are lost, the scale for PDO is 100. Being at 100 would be pretty much normal, enough positive luck and negative luck to mean the player’s stats are pretty on-par. However, looking at a number below 100, like 98 for Erne in 2017-18, would mean that Erne was getting unlucky.

    The farther from 100, the worse the player’s luck. As you can imagine, over 100 would mean the player is getting quite lucky. I wrote a story about this with Robby Fabbri and some of his success during the 2020-21 season for those who find PDO and the correlation to stats interesting.

    But, with Erne, it makes for an interesting correlation, and as for the 2021-22 season, I would not expect much of anything. He’ll be a fourth-liner who struggles and is pretty much useless for the Red Wings once again.
    I'm ignorant to these numbers as well lol

    edit: I should post the link for credit
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    To me 500K for one extra season isn't a huge deal to ensure we have an open spot for younger talent to make the roster. I have to think that from a production aspect it would be a lateral move at worse to substitute Nielsen for a young kid, but at least in that scenario there would be upside to be had. In that way I like it. But I can see some thinking why bother for a year if you can just stuff Nielsen in the press box. Maybe this way he finds another job?

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