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Thread: All in

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    All in

    This is it, look at the contracts. after this year Rodgers gone, Adams, both the Smith's, Cobb, maybe Jones, Bahk? I'm thrilled it maybe a Super Bowl, maybe, but the next year is going to be a rebuild.

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    It doesn't have to be a rebuild. With Adams and Z extension you can move money off of 2022. You could do something to extend Rodgers to reduce that hit as well.

    Or you do Adams and Z, and you save 20+ mil by going with Love if he's ready. A Jaire extension can move money past 2022 as well.

    The cap is projected to go up a bit in 2023, so I think it is a 1 year problem they need to find a solution to.

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    not only that you can carry over cap money from the previous year and with the money they opened up with the Rodgers restructure, if they don't add any significant money the remainder of this year it there should be a good chunk to roll over

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