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    Oct 2010

    Plumlee and Pick #37 traded to Charlotte

    Detroit is finalizing a trade to send C Mason Plumlee and the No. 37 pick to Charlotte for the No. 57 pick, sources tell ESPN.
    via Woj

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    Oct 2010
    Cap clearing move perhaps?

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    clearing cap for what? weird

    Kinda figured when we signed Plumlee he'd be eventual trade fodder, but thought we'd get a return better than the cap space we used to sign him in the first place

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    Oct 2011
    this was so confusing for me

    multiple sites still had detroit as picking jt thor and Charlotte as picking balsa koprivica

    then I saw draft grades that had detroit getting Cunningham, livers, Garza, and koprivica

    I was so confused for a bit
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    It's different now than it was.

    When he won the second one, Giants fans are here we're outside of their minds.
    That quote always cracks me up.

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    Still scratching my head with this one... and how we still drafted so many players that more likely than not wont stick.
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