Clearly if this is who Rizzo really is, he's worth a lot more than his current numbers would suggest. But what exactly do you give a 31 year old first baseman FA who's been trending downward his last 2 years, if they decide to re-sign him? The yankee got a "great deal" out of DJ, only to now look foolish even giving him more than 1 year. DJ looks very much like a 4 million player you go year to year with and worth nowhere near the 15 mil a year they gave him for 6 years.

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One game in and already on the Web trade block??? I just donít think Cashman would have the nuts to trade him. If he plays well I feel Cashman would be more of an ďI told you soĒ type of approach. Unless the unfathomable happens and the Yanks get blown away in a trade package for Gallo.

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You're right and therein lies the problem. The yankees, with their current "salary cap" are very much running this franchise like they're a small market team, but one of the major tenets of doing that, is that you trade away your veterans for prospects or young players in order to replenish your talent. Cashman either falls in love with some of these players, or he's too afraid to trade them and waits till they either lose all their value or they're up for free agency and a) either has no money to re-sign them, or B) doesn't want to, so in the end, he's left with nothing. What the cubs did was heartbreaking, but it was absolutely the right thing to do.

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why is wade on this team he is wasting a spot get a nice backup in case of injures wade is a minor league player nothing more..
Cashman has been working feverishly to try and save Wade's job. That's why he gave away Thairo Estrada, Hyun Park and Diego Castillo. Now there's no one immediately left that can replace him, for now. That doesn't spell good news for peraza and volpe.