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Heís about 8 months old. I should also say that he doesnít walk by himself yet but he loves to walk while holding onto my fingers. Iím not really holding him up at all, heís walking mostly on his own strength, but he holds onto my fingers because heís still not coordinated enough without it. Heís a funny little guy though, itís crazy to see how much personality he has at such a young age. Heís not too much of a handful to be honest, we just gotta watch him now that heís a lot more mobile and can pull himself up along coffee tables and drawers and things. Itís the older one that is about 5 we gotta watch out for..lmao heís a major handful and is already teaching his little brother to be naughty llullz.

Watch your kid be the eagles LT in 2042.. Jordan mailata will be his offensive line coach.. loll..
Ha thatís great dude! Mine definitely loves to stand and sit up straight but obviously isnít doing much solo movement besides acting like a fish out of water and flailing all about. Itís funny you say the older one because her son (basically mine) is 7 and he actually takes better care of tbe 4mo than I do lol. Baby cries and there the 7yo is calming him down. Pretty awesome though.