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    Quote Originally Posted by ciaban2.0 View Post
    No, I wasn't wrong about the admin doing a ****** job. The WHO is criticizing them and other western countries. So now were just giving Biden credit for vaccinating the third world because he says he wants to. He doesn't even need to acomplish that, he said he wants to...good enough. Biden also said he wants to address gun violence. I guess that means we don't have gun violence now, because he said he wants to address it, so...I guess were good.

    Here is an article on the white house pushing back.
    Maybe you agree with the WHO, maybe you agree with the White House. But this is still happening.
    No, we arenít giving him credit for vaccinating the third world yet, but we are giving him credit for wanting to since you acted like he had no interest in doing so.

    And itís interesting you bring up the WHO, considering conservatives have criticized them for being in the pocket of China and liars. Do you trust and take the WHO as a reputable authority now?

    Like I said, youíre just trying to find anything to get angry about. Itís eating you up inside you actually agree with Liberals that vaccines are good so you have to find some other way to portray them as terrible regarding Covid. Itís not workingÖ

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