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    Science and the environment

    Using paper to replace plastic is actually worse for climate change, like twice as bad.

    Using plastic over paper is actually worse for wildlife there isn't really a percentage of how much wildlife is killed by waste.

    Scientists have developed a bunch of more easily recyclable/bio-degradable plastics but they can't use them very much because of regulations restricting plastics.

    A tarmac mix has been created that dramatically reduces the heat absorbed and radiated by roadways that uses 1/4th the oil and lasts twice as long and actually uses waste to make but it's not used because of lobbyists who fought against it.

    We need our government to embrace and support what people come up with and really try to understand the differences and what progress can be made rather than relying on lobbying groups who are obviously only out to support their industry even if what they are selling is a "green" solution to a problem.

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    Wow what a riveting thought

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