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Yeah I wouldíve passed on that, too. Iím fine with not getting him at that price, but Bryant? What did Kimbrel go for? And why give away anything of value for Baez and cash? I donít understand.
Nick Madrigal who is a good young major league talent. Not a prospect (a former top 50 one) but a guy they can plug in next year when he comes back from injury and can hit. Baez was worth a good prospect, just not PCA. I'm not sure the Mets were going to make that type of move until Cohen put pressure on them to make a deal. Once that happened, they presumably backed themselves into a corner and panicked. This cash considerations crap is stupid though. If they could have gotten Baez and Williams for a lesser prospect and all they had to do was eat the rest of their remaining deals, they should have done so.