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He quit on them in the middle of an excellent run as a team though and in an actual sense. You made a quote about failing compared to not trying, Jordan did not try to win in the NBA those years. Quitting on a chunk of plays is actually very common in the nba today even if it was less common in the 90's. I can show tons and tons of compilations of Harden, I watched Love/Towns on the wolves we can go on this is pretty normal not always getting back or putting in full effort (especially looking at some of the scores/timing/plays of when this happened and considering context). So I am actually noting what it looks like when someone quits on their team completely compared to not giving full effort every single play in todays NBA.

You can call it whatever you want to call it, the point is tons of greats had personality issues that can be hated on and over exaggerated/focused on if we want. As Ant noted in that quote Lebron seems to have a lot more people looking/rooting for failures and to bash/hate on him. As I noted you even shared a video of someone saying he was doing it to troll lol. You are noting actual basketball ability and how the individuals/teams performed in your scenarios for others which is different (and kinda the point of what we normally focus on). This is perceptions around their actions/personalities, you are calling him a quitter. I am noting other players like Kobe not putting up shots in a playoff game aka quitting then demanding a trade and Jordan literally leaving the team in a run because they are similar types of things to build narratives around if you wanted.

It is a bad moment for Lebron. That doesn't make him as an athlete a quitter. He is a sore loser that at times lets his frustration get the better of him and he will give up on certain plays/at certain times. This is common for many players today. I have noted he is a sore loser, you seem to be focused on attacking/ making more of it than that though.
Not at all attacking him. You're clearly doing more attacking/attaching a narrative to an event by saying Jordan quit on his team because he retired to play baseball.

LeBron stopping competing multiple times, heading off the court and to the locker room early just needs to be discussed. There hasn't been one thread made to discuss him barely making it across half court in the middle of a closeout game.

This just simply needed to be discussed and not swept under the rug.