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I was wondering what the Cavs are planning to do.

If they pick Mobley that kinda creates a pickle with Jarret Allen.

If they pick Suggs they get another guard.

I think Houston takes Green so itíll be interesting to see if the Cavs go after someone like Kuminga
If I were them I take Suggs or Green (if Houston take Mobley) then trade Sexton, be he needs to be paid.

Like VR said, Sexton would be a great 6th man/spark off the bench or even a good 3rd option. He just doesn't facilitate he just scores the ball, he's undersized too.

Cavs have larger contracts in Prince and Nance that aren't horrible, Nance probably still has pretty high value. Cedi and Love aren't good value but depending on the deal and how many teams the Cavs could turn the thing around.

Or they keep everyone and start Garland, Sexton, Okoro, and Suggs/Green with Allen and just continue to be trash lol