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    Quote Originally Posted by mngopher35 View Post
    Why are bombs/grenades/rockets illegal then?

    I would even note cars have a lot of regulation in this country as well. As a society we absolutely take into account how deadly something has the potential to be most of the time and the uses.

    Thatís why more deadlier options are also illegal currently (or just like fireworks with just the potential to be too dangerous). Why not allow those other deadlier options if itís simply a society problem and the tool doesnít matter? I think you are aware certain tools make it much easier even if you potentially could use something else or there may be a one off situation here or there where something else could be effective still. None of that negates the dangers of the tool being discussed or how society often deals with very dangerous tools most of the time.

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    This is something gun supporters always overlook. If the line is drawn at military style equipment then there is a clear designation at what shouldn't be put in civilians hands. High powered high capacity guns, rifles don't belong in the possession of human beings. There's no reason for them. You don't need them for big game hunting, you don't even need them for the shooting range, etc. They are there to inflict more damage and kill more people more efficiently. Even if most mass shootings are done with handguns, that's not a good excuse to give people access to weapons that are far more deadly and can result in significantly higher body counts.

    Ask the families of the victims in Las Vegas if they think its okay for people to have access to those type of weapons.

    Fireworks are a great example btw. 99% of the time they are done responsibly and safely but the things these states worry about is them being a fire hazard which can lead to multiple deaths. Well, assault weapons serve little to no purpose and can be extremely deadly but these states are perfectly okay with them being legally accessible. Its not just a constitutional thing. Its a mindset that is stubbornly not going anywhere.
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