Im not sure how many people still look at this board regularly, but I thought id get peoples thoughts on the draft and the offseason.

It looks like theres a very good chance the warriors will get the twolves pick. It should land between 5 and 8. Warriors will also have the the 16th or 17th pick. Supposedly this is thought to be a pretty strong draft.

I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on what we should do with the picks. Could they find a trade partner that would allow them to trade both picks for a top 5 pick?

Are there any guys likely to be around 5-8 that we think could come in and contribute on a contending team?

I like Moses Moody, Scottie Barnes and Jalen Johnson with the twolves pick (id love jalen suggs but I think he is going 2-4)

With the pick in the teens I like Franz Wagner, Josh Christopher and Kai Jones.

As far as moves in the offseason- I havent looked into free agents and other teams cap moves..... so maybe in a couple months.

I dont think we need to pay a ton for Oubre. Im ok drafting to replace him, or looking at cheaper options in free agency. I dont want bazemore or Moulder back and I wouldnt match anything crazy for JTA, I think we need to bring in an athletic big.

I would also see if we could package paschall with one of our picks to move up a little bit.