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    Quote Originally Posted by Westbrook36 View Post
    Hall of Fame PSD posters meeting up for a beer at halftime??

    Season tickets on the opposing teams sideline by the tunnel / end zone
    Um, absolutely. I need 2 tix if you know of any available that arenít online obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamba42 View Post
    Iíd like to see it recorded please

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    Based on forecasted/simulated 2021 win rates of teams, this is an estimated strength of schedule.
    Dak: 17,634 @ 66.0%, 7.7 per att, 106+24 TD, 40 INT+34 FMB, 97.3 Rate
    Wentz: 16,811 @ 62.7%, 6.7 per att, 113+8 TD, 50 INT+58 FMB, 89.2 Rate

    Quote Originally Posted by manbearchef View Post
    I'll eat a shoe if BB is still coaching in 5 years.
    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    Sticking to traditions:

    IF Wentz is a Philadelphia Eagle in 2021, he will be the starter. If not, bye bye PSD, I'll leave.
    "Hater" is a term used by weak minded people in the face of legitimate criticism.
    -Scott van Pelt

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