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oh, and as long as we're all calling out offseason targets, i'd go after nick bjugstad. maybe he can bounce back after a few injury/covid/trade shortened seasons to give you 40-ish points and strong possession numbers.

stick him at 3C, move frost and patrick to the wings permanently, and go from there.
I'm down with everything you said pretty much. The only thing I do want to point out that a lot of Hart's struggles were a result of what was going on with Sanheim, Myers, and even Provorov to an extent. Braun...man I actually have to say for quite a few games he held his own...I think Hart is going to be an amazing goalie in this league and he is going to be one of the future bright spots in the NHL...we just need to build some on the blueline and, like you said, hope people get it together namely Myers, Sanheim, and Provy. I'm excited to have a full season of York and hopefully Allison too.