The Attitude Era Revival: If the Knicks can defeat the Lakers, the Knicks will have finished their longest road trip with a 4-2 record. Word is, Lebron James wants to declare himself healthy enough to humiliate the Knicks one more time.

Random Thoughts:

1. Knick Hater #1: Unless you've been living on another planet, Lebron James hates the Knicks. As a Cleveland Cavalier, he wore a New York Yankees hat and went to Yankee games to see Jeter, Sabbathia, etc. Something happened after the Knicks made their pitch. Team President Donnie Walsh was played by D. Wade, Bosh, and Lebron in the "decision." From that point on, Lebron never turned down an opportunity to destroy the Knicks. After Lebron left Miami, the Knicks once again flirted with Lebron but everyone but the Knicks knew he was headed back to Cleveland. Lebron tells a story that Phil Jackson insulted him at the owner's meetings. When asked by Lebron was at the Owner's meeting, Lebron said he considers himself a "business partner" with owner Dan Gilbert. Lebron failed to comment when asked by media if he helps pay for Tristan Thompson's $16M/season contract. Lebron left Cleveland but not before the New York media floated his potential coming to New York. Pretty much Lebron said, no one wants to come to New York and left for Los Angeles Lakers. Now at age 36, Lebron James is a bitter man. Following his Communist owners, Lebron advocated for the suppression of human rights while blabbing anti-American sentiments (as the cheque cleared) He deleted a tweet after realizing that the footage showed a cop had shot a woman with a knife intent on killing another young woman. Recently he advocated for the firing of whoever came up with the Play-In Tournament now that Lakers have fallen to the 7th seed. That's right, white boy Luka isn't the only one sour on this idea. Having said that, the Knicks are owned by Dolan and it wouldn't shock me if a 40 year old Lebron James signs with the Knicks much how old man Tracy McGrady signed was a Knick. The Knicks are notorious for signing guys past their prime.

2. Man on Fire: Derrick Rose has saved his best for last. In his last 10 games, Rose has averaged 18.7 ppg on 58.5% FG with 85.8FT% 4.7 apg and only 1.2 TO. While Scott Perry's boy, Elfrid Payton remains the starter till the end of the season for his "defensive specialties" Derrick Rose is the real equalizer.

3. Veteran Free Agents outperforming Draft picks: Let's be honest here. The Knicks rebuild via the draft was a failure. Julius Randle has outperformed everyone. Derrick Rose ($7.6M) has outperformed Dennis Smith Jr and Frank Ntilikina ($6.1M). Reggie Bullock ($4.2M) outperformed Kevin Knox ($4.5M). Taj Gibson outperforming Mitchell Robinson and Obi Toppin. This is going to be an older veteran team moving forward. Dolan does not like rebuilds.

4. Joakim Noah: Final $6M owed next season but it doesn't count against the cap. Nice retirement.