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    Would Brooklyn winning this season be bad for the NBA?

    Durant, Harden and Kyrie have played fewer than 200 minutes together so far. Would it set a bad precedent if a group of superstars was able to cobble together a championship team with so little time together? Would it exacerbate the trend of stars jumping ship and joining forces? Would Brooklyn’s success be moot, given how quickly the Lakers came together and won?

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    Yes, yes, probably

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    Not really, because very few teams are going to muster up $166,627,815 in salary just for a maybe. Furthermore, a lot of teams hard cap themselves at the apron. So, going that far over is next to impossible.

    Anyway, idc how talented they are. If they can't get physically and mentally healthy their talent will be moot. One of the 76ers, Bucks, Celtics, or Heat will be able to take them in 7, if the Nets aren't healthy.

    On the flipside, if they come together postseason and play through physical injuries. Harden stays outta strip clubs, Kyrie stops rebelling against all authority, and KD quits playing petty warz with people on twitter. Coupled with all 3 of them avoiding covid/medical protocols. Then at that point, so be it. If they can overcome all those obstacles, they deserve to play in the Finals.

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