Tom Brady is responsible for all of the Quarterback turmoil in the NFL

A 43 year old guy switches teams and takes a sub .500 team to the Superbowl

Once everyone saw that, anything is possible

Three of the other top five QB's immediately want to change teams:
Watson 27 who was on a bad team
Rogers 36 who was in the NFC title game
Wilson 31 who was on a contender
Suddenly all of them were unhappy with management and wanted to leave.
Not a coincidence, if Brady could do it, so can they.

But it didn't stop there, every team is now going, why am i sticking with this non superbowl winner on my team? I want to do better. If Brady can win a super bowl with a sub .500 team imagine what we can do with our team if we get rid of the guy we have.

And these ridiculous QB contracts that are lead weights around a team's salary cap don't seem to be stopping anybody any more.

Stafford - LA
Garoppolo - San Francisco
Goff - Detroit
Trubisky and Foles - The Bears - maybe Fields is the answer
Wentz - The Eagles
Darnold - The Jets
The Colts are rolling the dice with Wentz
Carolina - the Panthers are rolling the dice with Darnold

It's a frenzy. Patience is a thing of the past. I want to win and I want to win now. Brady did it, so can we.

Do the Raiders move off of Carr?
Does Denver seriously want to stay with Lock? There's a lot of talent there being wasted.
Do the Steelers really want to run it again with Roethlisberger when there's guys like Rogers, Wilson and Watson that could put them over the top?
Is Baker Mayfield worth keeping in Cleveland if you could get one of these guys?
What does New Orleans do if Jameis remains a turnover machine?
What does Philly do when Hurts fails?
What does Miami do when Tua fails?
How long will Lamar Jackson, who is really just a glorified running back, last in Baltimore with all the pounding he is taking?
What if Kyler Murray has reached his NFL ceiling? He's very small.

Who will be behind center for each team when the 2021 season starts?
I wouldn't even try to guess 2022.