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    Rd. 7, Pick #257: Jermar Jefferson-RB Oregon State

    Consistent runner with NFL size and a wrecking ball running style that wears down defenses. Jefferson earned his degree in inside and outside zone scheme while at Oregon State despite having a lack of burst to the perimeter or loose hips for instant one-cut quickness. He possesses adequate vision to find and exploit run lane development, but is less slasher than he is a rhythm runner who needs carries to put his fingerprints on the game. His lack of burst will shrink the field for him a bit, but his talent and physicality are NFL-worthy as a middle-round backup who can handle more carries if needed.

    Consistent player.
    Averaged 108 rushing yards per game during his career.
    Rhythmic but rowdy as a runner.
    Very good feel for outside zone scheme.
    Processes quickly, with eyes and feet in harmony.
    Sets up linebackers into climbing blocks.
    Change of direction is smooth and effortless.
    Running style and size wear down the defense.
    Violent streak once he cuts and gets going downhill.
    Will get his pound of flesh from tackler when finishing.
    Physical tools and strength to keep improving in pass protection.
    Makes open-field tacklers miss after catching swing passes.

    Gets impatient and works ahead of the block at times.
    Short-circuits play-side zone run prematurely for cutback.
    Needs runway to charge up downhill engine.
    Average speed to perimeter and burst through line.
    Good feel for run scheme but just an average creator.
    Will struggle in eluding early penetration.
    Needs to find more work in pass protection.
    Hands aren't very natural catching the football.

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    Jermar Jefferson, RB, Oregon State
    The Lions had a strong draft, but this pick is a little underwhelming. The Lions already have a crowded RB rotation, and Jermar Jefferson is small and not a great athlete. There doesn’t seem to be much upside here, but the risks involved with a late seventh-round pick are very low.

    Grade: C+

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    Loved this guy in college. may be a diamond in the rough thought he was taken earlier

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    Rhythmic but rowdy
    I want this on my tombstone

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