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    5th Round Pick 178 2021 NFL Draft Shemar Jean-Charles Appalachian St


    Boundary corner who stays in the receiver's business all day long. He's a little undersized to be taking on big NFL wideouts, but he's a feisty cover man with good foot agility and short-area quickness and his coverage movement is fairly fluid. He's going to lose some battles due to his lack of size and length, but he plays with route recognition and ball timing to make finishing catches a contested effort. He's a little below average in run support, which could be exploited. He's better in man coverage, but capable in zone, as well, and should find work as a quality backup with CB4/5 potential.


    Cranked-up ball production as two-year starter.
    Had 27 passes defensed (including two interceptions) in 2019 and 2020.
    Allowed just 30.4 percent completion rate in 2020, per Pro Football Focus.
    Plays with good feel for leverage.
    Possesses quick feet and controlled transition bursts.
    Above average finding clues in guarding high/low route concepts.
    Works with good tempo in timing up route movements.
    Feisty coverage demeanor all over the field.
    Exceptional timing and accuracy with hands to find ball at catch-point.


    Lacks desired NFL build and traits as outside cornerback.
    Doesn't play with needed consistency against the run.
    Too easily walled-off away from the action.
    Can be jostled around by big wideouts when in press.
    Needs a little longer runway to gear down from shuffle against comebacks.
    Loses track of the football when back is to the passer.
    Grabby and physical, leading to unnecessary pass interference penalties.

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    Should be a nice developmental prospect. Likely earns a spot if he can carve out a special teams role. We need bodies to fill such roles. I'm expecting depth and special teams early, but who knows what can happen. He certainly has the potential.

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    Matt Schneidman

    According to PFF, Packers fifth-round CB Shemar Jean-Charles was targeted 35 times in single coverage last season. He allowed five completions. Five! Forced 18 incompletions.

    According to PFF, Shemar Jean-Charles was the 16th-best player in college football last season.

    The Packers took the Appalachian State CB at No. 178.

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